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Information & Resources
History of Volleyball

Volleyball originated in the United States but is now just achieving the popularity in the U.S. that it has known on a worldwide basis. Globally, volleyball trails only soccer in terms of the number of participants.

1895 a YMCA instructor named William Morgan creates a game for his classes that is a blend of basketball, baseball, tennis and handball.
1896 The first game of volleyball was played at Springfield College.
1900 First “volleyball” designed exclusively for the sport.
1900 YMCA takes volleyball to Canada, the Orient and to the southern hemisphere.
1905 YMCA takes volleyball to CUBA.
1905 YMCA takes volleyball to Puerto Rico.
1912 YMCA takes volleyball to Uruguay
1913 Volleyball competition held in Far Eastern Games
1916 The “set” and “spike” developed in the Philippines.
1916 Volleyball added to school and college physical education programs.
1917 YMCA takes volleyball to Brazil.
1919 American Expeditionary Forces provided 16,000 volleyballs to troops and allies, which promoted volleyball in foreign lands.
1920 Three hits per side rule added.
1922 First YMCA national championships held in Brooklyn.
1928 USVBA, now USA Volleyball was formed to conduct tournaments and dictate rules.
1930 First two-person beach game played.
1934 National referees certified.
1937 U.S. Volleyball Association recognized as the official governing body of volleyball in the U.S.
1946 Volleyball ranked fifth in U.S. team sport participation.
1947 FIVB founded in Paris
1948 First two-person beach tournament played.
1949 USVBA added volleyball to college athletics.
1951 Volleyball played by 50 million persons in 60 countries.
1955 Volleyball introduced at Pan American Games.
1957 Olympics designated volleyball as an Olympic Sport.
1960 “Dink,” “Bump” and the “Block” developed.
1960 Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association formed.
1964 Southern California Intercollegiate Volleyball Association formed.
1964 Olympic debut of volleyball in Tokyo.
1965 California Beach Volleyball Association formed.
1968 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics added volleyball as a competition sport.
1969 NCAA added volleyball to its program.
1983 Association Of Volleyball Professionals formed.
1986 Women’s Professional Volleyball Association formed.
1987 FIVB added a Beach Volleyball Championships Series.
1994 Volleyball World Wide formed.
1995 Volleyball 100 years old.
1996 Beach volleyball added to the Olympics.

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